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Drupal Camp Asheville

Many thanks to the organizers and all of the presenters at the recent Asheville Drupal Camp. And thank you Doug Vann who gave me a lift to the bar and bought me a beer. Thank you to Andy Giles who sold me on life in the mountains of western North Carolina. Thank you to Sebastian Rattleman for explaining the new moon. Thank you to Matt Smith for talking straight about advertising. Thank you to Ezra B. Gildesgame for creating Waffle House gang signs. Thank you to Kevin Basrab for being such a happy guy. And a big thank you to Matt Connerton for being a gracious host a having such great taste in beer.

Drupal is great people. 

**Update - October  7th **

I got tired of seeing the hipster drupal drop on our site. Asheville needed a better picture. Or maybe I need to write more.

Original image here