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NN: Corina MacDonald

We're very happy to be able to toot Corina MacDonald's horn here, as we add her to the Node Network. Corina is one of the most understated people you'll ever meet but don't let that fool you; she is a super tech savvy expert on all things pertaining to art databases and archives in Canada. What makes Corina so smart is that it's never just about the tech, as she says: "it's not just databases but the way knowledge is organised in many systems. There are a lot of epistemological and cultural assumptions that people aren't aware of. There are tensions between database standards and more local knowleges that don't always fit." It's this logic that led to us inviting Corina into the network.

This is why Corina is interested in projects that challenge her and especially make space for problem-solving based on the specific needs of the people she is working with - no catchall solutions. Corina reserves her time for artistic, academic, and client-based interventions into the database and archive. She continues to push the bounds of what can happen through collaboration, technology, and tech literacy.