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Porting over an Indexibit SIte (DB and Content)

Time's up to renew the domain name for the online component of my PhD project, but instead of dishing out the cash, I am opting to move my site -- to "archive" it. It took me a few frustrating hours to port over the database and web contents, when really, in the end, it was just one little glitch preventing the transition from being complete: that damn invisible .htaccess file! So I've decided to share my process here, though admitedly you will have to have some sense of how all of this works to follow along. There's a lot of helpful stuff online already dealing with this, so I've simly added what I thought was missing. But I recommend checking here, here, and even here for more details, to get started. Also, the migration process is different depending on the CMS you are using, so steps might differ for Wordpress etc. (I plan to document steps for WP in the next few weeks.) These are the steps for (the old) Indexhibit CMS, using Cpanel and phpMyAdmin. 

  1. Back up your site. Download the entire www folder to your desktop.
  2. Export your OLD database. Go to "Custom"; Format: "SQL" and save it with a .sql extenstion.
  3. Import your database to the new space. 
  4. Create a new user for this NEW database and enable it.
  5. Note the database info: db name, user, password and localhost.
  6. Change your config file so it speaks to your NEW database using the info noted above.
  7. Upload content to your new site (including the invisible .htaccess file. *You might have to duplicate the .htaccess, name it htaccess without the period to copy it over, and then remove the period once it is in its NEW place.)
  8. Manual tweaks: log in to your new indexhibit site ( and adjust all the links you entered manually within posts etc.