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NN: Mesh Consultants

One the people we're always happy to hear from is Daniel Hambleton. Dan is a mathematician, founder of Mesh Consultants, and he usually has a fun side-project to show off.

Dan works in 3D modelling and he's especially interested in dynamic simulations. While static 3D modelling provides a simulation of what a product or design might look like, these dynamic simulations allow designers to observe the interaction with a design. To Dan, these simulations are "curcial to providing the right stimuli to develop a really great design." By using these simulations to arrive at new and interesting forms, and then "embeding that kind of simulation with the construction logic," Dan is able to produce what he describes as "not only a very original form, but also a rational form."

To accomplish this, Dan says the first part of his process is to understand the immovable parts of the project - i.e. to identify the hard constraints of a project - to determine "a definition of the solution space or the total design space of the project." He then likes to "abstract things as much as possible and look to the source of where a particular theory comes from." And this is one of the things that makes Dan special - in his work at Mesh Consultants, he places himself at the boundary of mathematical theory and practice. His connection to the Fields Institute puts him at the heart of current math theory. His dream project would involve an aspect of mathematical theory that is unsolved: "(My ideal project would be) one that gives rise to a question that hasn't been solved before in a theoretical nature. If you tackle that and solve it, you give back to the theory that you using but you're also solving a very practical issue."

His unique perspective, his expertise, and his curious mind are just a few of the reasons why we consider ourselves fortunate to include Dan among our collaborators. Learn more about his work at