research design laboratory

a conversation between ideas and technology

Often clients come to us needing a website. This is their starting point, the thing they are certain of, as few projects or companies are without an online presence.

However, when a project reaches the Archinodes desk, we take this starting point and move backward before moving forward. What are the needs of the project? And how can a website, or any other tool or technology, help acheive the goals and vision of the project? A website is often a good tool, but even that concept -- a website -- is hugely variable. We always consider its implementation to be part of a greater strategy.

Ideas are necessarily informed by an awareness of technology, but also a comfort with the various tools, an assessment of audience and accessibility, and a critical framework that recognise the potential as well as the limitations of any approach. The relationship between ideas (or strategies) and technology is one of a conversation -- the tools at our disposal inform our production choices, but ideas come first and point us to the tools that best service them.