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The Nodes: A Backstory


The three of us met in in a media studies masters program at Concordia University in Montréal. All of us were working on research projects that involved a creative 'production' component as it was awkwardly called then. These projects are now known as research-creation projects at the university, and this type of approach to scholarly work is spreading across the digital humanities, media and communication studies, and media arts in particular. The idea behind research-creation is to not only derive deliverables from traditional methodologies, but to reflect on how digital methods, and ways of working, inform research outcomes.
For Archinodes we push this concept forward. We believe in deep design; that is, in the conversation between the technologies at our disposal and the message being communicated. Design is never simply a layer. Design is integral to communication. We each have a specific background and skillet that informs the way we understand effective communication and design, and we bring this to table for every Archinodes project.