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It is both essential to ask and sometimes difficult to wrap one's head around, but this little three letter word is and should always serve as a compass. It's when we loose sight of the 'why' that we distance ourselves from our purpose and more importantly our passion.

We live and work amidst a fervent stream of ideas and intentions, the products of which seek to impress by largely showcasing the boundaries of innovation. Increasingly it seems that the impetus for these innovations - the answer to the 'why?' - have been based on blindly seeking out that which is possible at the expense of that which is necessary. This is not to overlook the frivolities of life and their generous abilities to make us think, but rather suggest that we be more honest in our answer to the 'why?'. When we allow necessity to be conflated with possibility we are compromising our abilities to 'secure the gains of our day'. 

If we are to address the pressing needs of today we must be wild in our reach but purposeful in our execution - we must be honest in our responses to 'why?'. This pertains not only to the application of our expertise to this process, but more importantly to the investment of our hearts.