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Video Cache, 1 month

VIDEO CACHE was an event held at Groupe intervention video as part of my doctoral research creation. Along with the public event, I created a month-long online showcase of the works, allowing different contexts for these videos. The works were chosen by SAW Video Director Penny McCann and were part of the now defunct Mediatheque project. The Mediatheque back end server crashed in 2009 and they had no back up of their database. So selecting a CMS was an important part of my research process. I reflected on the loss of the database and chose a CMS that avoided the database. To do this, I created an online showcase using StaceyApp, from which videos were stored and streamed from my server (rather than a third party site like Vimeo or YouTube). I also wanted to be able to easily transfer the exhibit: self-contained and easily set up again which would allow SAW Video to archive it. Secondly, I was searching for the most efficient way to host an online event for one month, which could easily be deactivated, without being lost or links broken.

Download the catalogue here, designed by Archinodes.