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Field Testing

Stopped by the Apple Store to try out the Archinodes website on a couple of devices and with the new Lion osx - for the most part things are looking great. The site works really nicely with that ipad thing and the image grid looks pretty sweet. Only issue seems to be geting the Views Infinite Scroll module to kick in when you scroll down - same issue on the iphone. While it does kick in with some prodding, it's nowhere near as useful as it would need to be. This glitch will likely be addressed in future updates to the module and as more development for Drupal7 takes place there will likely be other options out there soon. At this point having the infinite scroll feature working on mobile devices isn't a major issue as we anticipate building a mobile version of the site which will likely use a completely different design. As for using the site on the Lion's version of Safari, it's fun. Loving the swipe gesture for navigating back and forth between pages and also can't help but feel that the invisible scroll bar will become the norm on other OS. As a side note - the Apple Store is kinda a horrible place.