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Can I get a Witness?

NMP is a regular volunteer side-project for me at Archinodes.

At midnight, NMP launched its 20th issue: the theme for March-April is Witness.

Each two month we bring forth a web publication and later make the contents available through print-on-demand. The print issue is only available for purchase directly from the printer, but we do send a copy each 2 months to Library Archives Canada for safeguarding. We are pretty sure that NMP is Canada's first and only p-o-d arts journal to be deposited at LAC.

NMP20, Witness features:

  • Editorial 20: Witness - Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee
  • Bored But Not Broken: Occupying Vanier Prison – Mandy Hiscocks
  • Laura Agustín on Crossing Borders – Karen Herland
  • “Not All Audio Art is Good, Obviously…”: A Conversation with Nimalan Yoganathan
  • Thinking About a Cure with Jason Fritz-Michael and Matt Momchilov – Toshio Meronek
  • They Don’t Call It Ephemera for Nothing: A Conversation with Laura Yaros about Lesbian Archives, Activism and Her Drawer of Cassette Tape Interviews – Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
  • Telling War Stories: Witnessing Expectations… – Lesley Wood
  • On “Captive Genders”: An Interview with Nat Smith & Eric Stanley – Jay Donahue
  • If You Can, Dance: The Winter 2010 Ceremonies That The World Wasn’t Watching – Amber Dawn
  • Interview with Raafat Hattab – Tobaron Waxman
  • Recovery Through Process: An Interview with Yuki Kokubo – Momoko Allard
  • Lovers Lane – Marlena Zuber
  • “Everything Has Already Happened”: Secret Photographs by my Grandma Joyce – Cait Harben & Sarah Mangle
  • Process